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Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW, Emerald, Ipswich, Bay Islands, Stradbroke

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Septic Tank Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Potable Water Delivery

Wastewater Treatment

     System Servicing

Hydro / Vacuum Excavation

Underground Service Locating

Drain Camera Inspections

Lee’s Liquid Waste Services © 2017.  Providing quality Septic tank cleaning, grease trap cleaning, greywater tank cleaning, skip bin hire, industrial front lift waste bins, drain cleaning, potable water delivery, wastewater treatment system servicing, vacuum excavation, underground service locating and drain camera inspection services for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich & Emerald  since 1984.

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Recycled Water Delivery

Lee’s Liquid Waste Services provides 1 x 6000L truck for delivery of recycled water for either dust suppression, lawn watering, plant watering, spraying, legal re-use tank refilling or for any other purpose you need recycled water delivered.  Our vehicle is able to work around-the-clock for any high-volume jobs you may require, or for spraying over a number of hours.  We are able to perform hand-watering of plants to avoid any damage to plant leaves which may occur by overly heavy dosages of water.

Lee’s Liquid Waste Services collects recycled water for delivery from Council operated Recycled Water Filling Stations, so you know that all recycled water delivered will be to council standards and not harmful to plants or grass.  Due to the way recycled water is treated, most of the odour is removed, so you can be assured that your neighbours will not be upset by unwelcome neighbours.

Lee’s Liquid Waste Services looks forward to being of service with our Recycled Water Delivery service.

Recycled Water Delivery for dust suppression, watering & spraying Recycled Water Delivery