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Commercial Greywater Sullage Holding Tank Cleaning (Also known as Pumpout, Pumping, Removal, Pump out, suck out etc.)

In commercial environments, greywater sullage holding tanks usually operate in the the same way a commercial grese traps works.  Water enters the greywater sullage holding tank via the inlet, and the baffles and walls within the tank trap the silt, lent and dirt particles, while allowing the cleaner water to exit the outlet freely.   The size (in volume) of commercial greywater sullage holding tanks varies from between 250L to 5000L for most premises, however larger sites may have tank sizes in the tens of thousands of litres.  In some cases, commercial premises may have domestic-type set-ups of their greywater sullage holding tank.  In such circumstances, the greywater enters the greywater tank and the cleaner effluent is pumped out automatically via an inbuilt submersible pump onto grassy or garden areas, or dispersed via a sprinkler system.  Some commercial greywater holding tanks also accept grease trap the kitchen sink.  This is not an ideal situation, as grease can get caught in the submersible pump and cause it to block up or burn-out.  Where grease is entering the greywater tank, but there is no submersible pump, the greywater sullage holding tank will require more frequent pumping out / cleaning out / emptying.

Commercial greywater sullage holding tanks will be installed in all laundromats and commercial laundries, and in some retirement villages, hotel complexes and other hospitality-driven environments where clothes washing is performed.

 Pump-out / clean out / emptying frequency for commercial greywater sullage holding tanks will depend on trade waste officer and sewerage discharge limitations, with most sites requring pumping out / cleaning out of their greywater sullage holding tank on 3, 6 or 12 monthly regular cycles.  Where in doubt, Lee’s Liquid Waste recommends 3 monthly pumping / pump out of commercial greywater sullage holding tanks to limit the amount of smell generated by the tank and to ensure greywater tank inlet and outlet pipes do not become clogged with dirt particles.  Other than pump outs / clean outs / emptying, commercial greywater sullage holding tanks baffles and internal walls should be inspected upon each service to ensure no other maintenance is required.  Lee’s Liquid Waste Services coes a complete inspection of your greywater sullage holding tank upon each visit.

Lee’s Liquid Waste Services offers free reminder calls to let you know when your commercial greywater sullage holding tank is due for pumpout.  Please click here to add your commercial site to our regular greywater holding tank cycle, or feel free to phone us on 3206 4844.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Free reminder calls for greywater sullage holding tank pump outs & emptying