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Lee’s Liquid Waste Services provides cleaning (eg. Pumping, pumpout, removal, emptying) of commercial grease traps.  Commercial grease traps are enclosed cavities (rectangular in shape) dug into the ground and closeby to the commercial kitchen which collect liquid waste (grease and water) which exits the kitchen sink.    Because grease floats, it is “trapped” in between baffle walls inside the grease trap, while allowing the cleaner water to safely exit the grease trap.

All commercial sites which hold food business licenses and which generate kitchen sink waste are required have a grease trap installed at the premises to trap grease to prevent the grease from entering and blocking up council sewerage pipes.

Local councils require commercial premises (by law) to have their grease trap pumped out / cleaned out every 1, 2 or 3 months (pump out / pumpout / pumping / cleaning frequency is dependent on the ruling local councils apply to each premises based on the volume and potency of liquid waste generated.  Failure to pump out / clean out a commercial grease trap may result in fines or revoking of food business licenses, as dirty commercial grease traps promote the breeding of cockroaches and other insects, deterioration of the grease trap walls as solidified fat slowly corrodes walls and baffles, as well as generating increasing odours as the frequency between pump outs increases.  

How a grease trap works

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning (Also known as Pumpout, Pumping, Removal, Pump out, suck out etc.)

Lee’s Liquid Waste Services provides a Council and Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) (formerly known as EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved pumpout service consisting of :

Vacuums up this grease and all the contents of the grease trap with our high-power vacuum trucks.

Scraping down all walls and baffles.

Hosing down the walls

Reporting to you the customer on the condition of the grease trap and if any repairs or maintenance are required.

Automatic submission of reports to local council and DEHP confirming that your grease trap is being pumped out in accordance with their regulations.

Commercial grease traps require 1-3 monthly pumping emptying to avoid blocked drains.

In commercial grease traps which are not cleaned frequently enough, grease will solidify and block up inlet and outlet pipes and drains, causing costly water jetting / hydro jetting / jet rodding / water blasting expenses.

Quality Assured Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning, Emptying & Pumping by Lee's Liquid Waste Services.
Lee’s Liquid Waste Services offers free reminder calls to let you know when your grease trap is due for pumpout.  Please click here to add your houshold to our regular pumpout cycle, or feel free to phone us on 3206 4844.  We look forward to hearing from you.
Free grease trap pumpout reminder phone calls